5 Ram Truck Summer Maintenance Tips

June 27th, 2017 by

Summer truck maintenance is just as important as winter truck maintenance. Failure to perform routine summer maintenance can end up causing some pretty costly damage. Before the summer heat sets in you want to give your truck a thorough washing inside and out and perform these routine summer maintenance tasks:

Inspect Your Tire Pressure

If you are driving around in a new 2017 Ram 1500, the last thing you want is for your tires to explode. During the summer months, over-inflated tires have a higher risk of exploding. As the air inside the tire heats up the tires will continue to expand until the tire literally bursts. Under-inflated tires are also at risk of exploding during the summer. Regular tire pressure checks reduce the risk of exploding tires, but will also optimize your gas mileage.

Electrical Systems

Newer trucks, including the Ram 3500, come equipped with some complex electronics. With how dependent Ram trucks are on their electrical systems, it is important to check them frequently. Winter driving can lead to corrosion as the chemicals and salt placed on the road ways to make them safe spray and stick to your undercarriage, so make sure you check for that. Not sure where to check? You can get excellent Ram service in Long Island when you come to Huntington Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram, and we can check all electrical components for you.

Check Your Batteries

Batteries are more likely to die in the summer due to the summer heat. The reason for this is the heat speeds up the battery’s chemical processes, which causes the electrolytes to evaporate faster. As the electrolytes evaporate the battery loses its ability to hold a charge. Regularly checking and cleaning the battery terminals during the summer helps extend the life of the battery.

Replace Worn out Engine Belts

Ram 2500 engines take quite a beating. When performing summer truck maintenance on your Ram, you’ll want to take a close look at your engine belts. Inspecting belts for cracks, tears, or any other kind of wear and tear can save time and money later. If your engine belts need replacing as part of your summer auto service, the service department at Huntington Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram is here to help.

Check Your Cooling System

Overheating is the leading cause of breakdowns during the hot summer months. Your truck relies on the coolant to ensure the engine is kept at its ideal operating temperature. The AC and Heat also rely on the antifreeze to work properly. Inspect your antifreeze to water ratio. Too much water thins out the antifreeze, which prevents things from working properly.

If you are looking for quality Ram service in Commack, NY, visit the expert service department at Huntington Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram! Our dealership even offers a wide inventory of new Ram trucks for sale in Long Island, NY, so come down and test drive a new Ram truck today, and we’ll make sure you be ready for all kinds of summer adventure!

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